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Fashion Beauty Werbespots - Axe, Dove

02.02.13 , Posted by reklamefernsehen at 2/02/2013

Playboy Bodylotion - Für Sie (sponsored by Coty)
Let your skin do the talking
Mit den neuen, 24H feuchtigkeitsspendenden Body Lotions von Playboy Fragrances entdecken Frauen nun streichelzarte Haut, die unwiderstehlich duftet und Männer schwach werden lässt.
VIP – hinterlässt einen goldenen Schimmer & eine nach Orchideen duftende Haut
Play It Lovely – für seidige, nach Pfingstrosen duftende Haut
Play It Sexy – für geschmeidige Haut, die sinnlich nach Vanille duftet
Super Playboy – hinterlässt eine strahlende Haut & verhängnisvollen Erdbeer-Duft

Katy Perry - Killer Queen (sponsored by Coty)

Verspielter, anspruchsvoller und kantiger Duft. Kopfnoten aus Waldbeeren, dunklen Pflaumen und Bergamotten spielen zusammen. Die Herznote ist jedoch die samtig rote Blume Celosia. Flakon verpackt in Samtbox.
Killer Queen ist der neue, aufregende Duft, der Katy Perry’s rebellischen Geist einfängt und vorhandene Konventionen bricht - unter - Discover Fashion Every Day
ft. Andy of Stylescrapbook, Kenza of Kenzas, Fanny Lyckman, Kristina of Kayture, Carrie of wishwishwish

Song: Miss Li - My Heart Goes Boom

Diesel - Studio Africa ft. Real Action Dance Crew

Song: The Very Best & Moroka - Ndekha
Location: Sowetho
Pantsula vs. Puppets is presented by DIESEL + EDUN, in celebration of their new denim collection born in Africa and worn by a new generation of creative talents.
(2. Song aus "Super Mom" mixtape)

Samsung GALAXY S4 - Call for Rebellion

Samsung’s new GALAXY S4 highlights its rebellious innovations through the lens of punk couture. Here, technology meets punk’s fast-paced and energetic display of rebellion: Punk rocks Tech.

Axe / Lynx - Apollo Lifeguard

Nothing beats an astronaut. Ever. Pick up your can of LYNX Apollo in stores now! Visit lynxapollo for your chance to go to space. Yes, real space! Leave a man. Come back a hero.

What does a model do for 24 hours in Berlin? Watch the film and see the city through the eyes of our favorite 'It-Girl': Daisy Lowe.

Hilfiger Denim collaborated with top British model Daisy Lowe at Berlin's Bread & Butter tradeshow. While visiting the fair and Berlin hotspots on January 15, Daisy wore a camera integrated in her jacket to record her point of view ... mehr unter hilfigerdenim

Hilfiger Denim - 24 Hours in Berlin ft. Daisy Lowe

Song: Lola Kite - Different Story

Shampoo Dove Men + Care
Have you done something to your hair?
It looks like those slow-mo effects from women's shampoo ads.