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Nikon, I am a Turtle Express - Robbie William Camera Flash - D800 by John Wright

29.03.11 , Posted by reklamefernsehen at 3/29/2011

Nikon Coolpix S3100 - I am ... attractive, the turtle express, more than words, colorful, ich bin eine Nikon.

I am ... in 5 Themen: Liebe, Höhe, Statuen, Reaktionen, Spinnenmensch

Nach dem Riesenerfolg unserer ,I am'-Kampagnen mit Robbie Williams und Jamie Oliver wollten wir uns näher mit den Gefühlen und Reaktionen beschäftigen, die Menschen beim Fotografieren zeigen - Giuseppe Puglisi

Song: Radical Face (AKA Ben Cooper) mit Welcome Home

Justin Mitchell's video for 'Welcome Home' (shot with Nikon lenses)

bullet unter
bullet (Welcome Home 4:46)

I am (2010) ... feat. Robby Williams (links) / Jamie Oliver (rechts)


Robbie William Camera Flash live
can u do me a favour, put your cameras out, in the air, wind them all on, and on 3, let them off ... oh my God, wooooouhh - Robbie

Nikon D800 - film by Photographer John Wright
To have 36 megapixels and full HD wrapped up in the familiar Nikon body format and at a price point of around £2,500 is an absolute gift.

Song: Teenage Wildlife - Open Your Eyes (inkl. Download)
This fantastic video was shot using the new Nikon D800 by John Wright, leading fashion and celebrity photographer.

     1:44 & 2:37

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