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Sport Werbespots im Frühjahr ´11 - adidas, Reebok, Nike

03.05.11 , Posted by reklamefernsehen at 5/03/2011

Die Grossen der Sportbranche starten mit massiven Werbekampagnen ins Frühjahr 2011.

adidas - is all in (30", long version below)

’all adidas’ brings the diversity of the brand together ... from court to catwalk, stadium to street - Erich Stamminger

Leo Messy, Beckham, Katy Perry, Derrick Rose, Louis Smith, Cyclops, B.o.B, David Villa, C. Wozniacki, Snoop Doggy Dogg, B.o.B., Dwight Howard, Mehdi, Jeremy, Rokko, Blanka
bullet at und

Justice - Duo (elektronische Musik) aus Gaspard Augé und Xavier de Rosnay
Song: Justice mit Civilization (Ed Banger Records)

The beating of a million drums, the fire of a million guns,
the mother of a million sons, Civilization !

Puma - Faas, Blam! Blam! feat. Usain Bolt


Song: No-Maddz mit Rise Above Profanity (
Agentur: Droga5

No-Maddz was formed by Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary, Christopher Gordon and O'neil Peart as a Dub Poetry group at Kingston College / Jamaica in 2000 and recorded their debut album The Trod on March 2010.

Nomadz Rise Above Profanity @ Change a Life-concert, und
Puma Faas, Recording - Fasta Studio
World's Fastest Band - Rocker, Flex & Groove from Jamaica make Faas go fast
bullet unter

Nike - Free feat. Allyson Felix
der ideale Zeitpunkt um unsere Nike-Free-Serie ins Rampenlicht zu stellen und Verbraucher dadurch zu animieren, durch Training stärker und schneller zu werden - Davide Grasso, Brand Marketing

Song: Apollo Sunshine mit Today Is The Day
bullet und

Nike Free Yourself - Throwdown (1'30") und adidas Super7 - Alysson Felix (2009)
Song: Human Beinz mit Nobody but Me

Reebok - Reeflections

bullet internationale Reetone Testimonials mit Karen Wetterau

Converse - Desire feat. Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon, Bill Ryder-Jones

Song: Desire (Converse Music Collaboration) incl. Download (s.o.)
Agentur: Anomaly London
Ride through the World of Desire unter
In the middle 8 there is a harmony that builds and builds, that was inspired by a song called Itty Bitty Pretty One that was a 50's song - Paloma

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