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Jaguar - David Beckham as China brand ambassador

13.03.14 , Posted by reklamefernsehen at 3/13/2014

I've always been an admirer of Jaguar - from the styling and design to the feel and roar of the engine. I love the classic E-Type of the 60s and today this legacy is alive in the phenomenal F-TYPE Coupé ... I look forward to being part of Jaguar's exciting future in China - David

(Peter Lindbergh - campaign photography)

British sporting icon David Beckham to front new marketing campaign for Jaguar across China.

Brit-Trio Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong with Super-Bowl spot
Jaguar - Rendezvous


H&M ft. David Beckham (Director´s Cut, Super-Bowl spot)


Belstaff - Ride On ft. David Beckham

David on BSA Bantam FFS, model: Andreea Diaconu

adidas - Clima Chill ft. David Beckham
Climachill-Kollektion mit nmittelbarem Abkühlungseffekt, es kommt ein innovatives Material mit Titan und 3-D-Kühlzonen aus Aluminium zum Einsatz.
Bestleistungen auch bei schwierigen Bedingungen - David Beckham

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